Thursday, 31 March 2016

Baby Gabby Update and Freckle Baby News

I can't even believe that my little Gabby girl is already eight months old. Even though I don't have a weekly progress photo for this little munchkin due to second child syndrome, I have kept her pretty well documented so far (see Instagram for proof...). 

Here are my observations of Gabrielle at .75 of a year old. 

  1. Sleep is for the weak. I'm the weak but unfortunately Gabby is not. 
  2. Gabrielle is the happiest baby alive. She is so content and doesn't do the epic 6 pm meltdown that Emily is still prone to.  
  3. Gabrielle is a petite little lady. When she hits milestones like she has been lately (crawling, standing, traveling along furniture and really getting into her food), she just looks so SMALL to be doing these things.  
  4. Teeth. Is the teething actually worse with child #2 or have I just mercifully blocked out how hard it was?  
  5. Why do we even have toys? Gabrielle's favourite playthings include every cord, table legs and the fireplace. 

Speaking of teeth and toys, an actual BABY item that Gabrielle is loving during the ordeal that has been popping her front two top teeth is this guy:

The main problem with my kids is a lack of personality.
I was pretty excited when Kim from Freckle Baby sent me this teething bib and ring to check out because it's adorable (and I'm shallow like that). The cute factor inspired me to put the bib on Gabs, but this teething tool has fast become a lifesaver over the last month. It soaks up the drool and I love that the ring is attached and Gabrielle can't lose it even though she's ripping around the house at record speed.

Those darn lil teethies!

Since she usually dismisses typical baby toys, I think we've fooled her into thinking the wooden ring she's chewing is actually one of mom's coasters...

Bumps, bruises and beauty!
Either way, this teething bib is getting included in my list of great baby gifts from now on. 

Little pudge. Don'tcha just wanna SQUISH her? ... if you can catch her ...

I am drawn to the vibrant colours and reversible print of Gabrielle's bib and am pretty excited to add to her collection because Freckle Baby just launched this year's new fun colour combos on Kickstarter TODAY! 

Hey! There's Kim! "Running a business & being a mom is so relaxing," said no mom ever.

If you're looking for a unique and practical baby gift or just want a cute multi-purpose baby product, this is it. 

Kim has her 2016 collection on special for the first Kickstarter backers which means that YOU can get a sweet discount on her awesome teething bibs and blankets. Psst... Canadians, this offsets the exchange and shipping!

Check out the early bird deals right here on Kickstarter!

You can also find Freckle Baby (@frecklebabyllc) on Instagram or the Freckle Baby website! 

In case you're wondering, Gabrielle is partial to the blues and greens. Duly noted, Gabs and you do have great taste. 

As mentioned, I received an awesome teething bib from Freckle Baby, but all opinions shared in this post are my own... and Gabrielle's.

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