Sunday, 27 March 2016

Strolling in Style - Valco Baby's Back in Canada!

"Sooo... what kind of stroller do you have?" 

This (as we all know) is a pick-up line for moms.

Saskatoon, SK

I remember being pregnant with my firstborn and researching stroller reviews until my eyes were buggy. I could be on "The Price is Right - Stroller Edition." I used to check out women's shoes, but now I'm just nodding appreciatively at their kids wheeling by like, "Mad respect, sister. That's a limited edition lightweight titanium pivoting chair."  

Seriously. My sister made fun of me because I bought (and sold) four strollers in the first four months of motherhood. She can make fun of me all she wants because I ended up a winner, my Valco Baby Snap.
Awww. A blurry baby Emily in Vancouver, BC.

I am not exaggerating when I say I am going to use this little beauty till it bites the dust. I love it because it is super lightweight, folds up in one motion, handles well and is an actual fully-equipped comfortable stroller. We do a lot of traveling and we've (weirdly) received so many compliments from airline personnel on how well our Snap folds and unfolds that Nathan started noticing (I got my hair cut three months ago also, honey. FYI)

Life's a beach. (Cuba)
When the 2-year-old actually loves chilling in the stroller? #momwin

Last year when I was (as my husband so lovingly put it) dramatically pregnant with Gabrielle, I went to purchase a car seat adapter for my sweet ride and I was crushed to find NO VALCO IN CANADA. Sob. So imagine my joy when I found out they are back and will be carried at select retailers throughout our nation starting in April!

I'm not saying I'm *personally* responsible for bringing this incredible company back to the true north strong and free... I'm just saying I truly believe that my despondent email was the straw that broke the camel's back--- or twisted the stroller company's arm --- or whatever.

Anyway. YOU'RE WELCOME. Back on topic.

What’s new for Canada in 2016? 

Valco Baby has upped their game even further with a luxury “Tailormade” fabric series (fancy) and the strollers soon to be cruising Canadian sidewalks, mountains and prairies are the Snap 4, Snap Duo and Snap Ultra Strollers.

Who knows? Maybe they'll even have an all-terrain single and double option out later this year... *WINK!*

Before you go stalk Valco Baby Canada so that you can recite stroller specs with me next time we face off in the grocery aisle, let me tell you about my dream ride. This is the stroller that makes my mom fantasies come true. Ready?  

Close your eyes. Your laundry's done. The kids are both napping for 3 consecutive hours and what's that? You found $500 in that purse you stored last fall...

Okay. Let's not get carried away. Imagine this:

This is the stuff of dreams Snap Duo Tailormade. It's super lightweight (9.8kg) which is perfect because my kids are kind of chunky and I'm lazy, but it's also a full-on comfy stroller.  It has awesome under-storage, adjustable footrests and individual canopies (toddler sharing meltdown averted). Plus, it's still got the one-handed easy fold and carry strap I love on my current Snap. 

Dear Santa, do you need my mailing address?

Hey, my 'bring Valco Baby back to Canada' wish came true and you know what they say, "If you wish upon a Northern star"... or something like that.

Check out all the details and news of which retailers are carrying these innovative strollers by following Valco Baby Canada on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

P.S. You lucky ducks in the U.S. with your Amazon one-day-shipping and your Target and your snowless Easter egg hunts? Turns out you get stroller awesomeness too but if Donald Trump is elected, who knows what may happen? Just saying...

This post is sponsored by Valco Baby Canada but all opinions are my own... like my opinion that my birthday is coming up in only 8 short months so... HINT HINT. xoxo Abbie

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