Friday, 12 February 2016

Wear It All - Week One

So this is the first week of wearing all the clothes in my closet.

A few observations:

1. Every time I wander into my closet and begin to choose clothing, my two-year-old wants to know where we're going. Yes. Apparently Mommy only gets dressed when there is somewhere to be. Whoops.

2. I can't get the hang of the selfie stick. I feel ridiculous. I'm not looking at the right part of the phone. Bah. I gave it a valiant effort.

3. Getting dressed (not in activewear) every single day makes me feel like I might ANSWER the door if the doorbell rings. Isn't that neighbourly?

This week, I realized how much I love neutrals. Okay, I realized that back here but it's confirmed.

I think you're going to be seeing a lot of these shoes:
Miz Mooz - Jada

and this purse:
Stella and Dot Waverly Petite

They pair with EVERYTHING I wore this week and I just can't get enough.  

Truth? I bought the purse recently. Whoops. So now I have to justify the heck out of it. 

Via @citygirlgonemom on Instagram

This is how math works, right? Don't worry. No one lets me teach math. 

Without further ado, here are this week's outfits... Sunday to Friday. A "week". More excellent math.


If you feel like your sweater dress is just on the limit of short, wear flats or throw on some tights. Flats it is! My kids are too sick to go to church, so this outfit lasted all of one hour.

Note to self: chasing kids? Tights all the way.


Those shoes and that bag. Trying to show you the bag folded and unfolded. Failing but apparently finding that hilarious. Busted out the cigarette pants and the structured blouse. Comfy and not yoga pants.


Preppy teacher outfit. So much navy and blue. There are those shoes again...


I love this shirt. I love it more with a skirt, but the skirt's not going to last more than 2 minutes crawling around the floor after my peppy kids. Jeans it is! Not sure how I feel about my rose earring / mint necklace combo. Maybe one or the other. 

Let's lose the necklace. Yup. Less is more... except when it comes to sleep. My eyes ARE wide open.


Whenever I wear my hair up, my toddler cries. I feel so attractive.

via @topknot on Instagram


Also, selfie-face. It's a real problem. I get more and more lazy comfy as the week goes on.


Can't get enough of these StillRad comfy tees. Got myself this inspirational one (NOPE. It says 'nope') and also this one as my self birthday presents this year:

Coffee IS the new sleep.
Friday comfy factor approximately 98%. 

I'm off to get a much needed haircut as I'm at that lovely stage of postpartum when all the hair that fell off one's head starts growing back in. On curly hair, that basically means I look like a scrappy poodle all around my hair line. SO PRETTY. I'm contemplating BANGS (which as every curly girl knows is basically just one long growing out session) but considering the fuzzy ring around my head, it might be either bangs or hats for the next three months. 

Okay. The bad news is you can't get the time back you spent reading that paragraph. The good news?

That's the end of that! Glancing through these photos, it seems like I've been gravitating toward a few key pieces and colours (NEUTRALS) this season. Time to work on branching out on the shoes and accessories and maybe rustling up a pop of colour in hope of spring! 

Love fashion?  

Check back Monday for a fun give-away with PinkBlush! Free clothes?? Yes please!

Not only do they have the cutest maternity clothes for the preggo pretties, but they've branched out into feminine flowy (COMFY) women's wear too. Stay tuned!


  1. ha! Can't wait to see the hair decision today. Love all your outfits but I want that neutral lacey top the most! see you soon!

  2. YAY new hair... ALL of mine is falling out right now. ALL OF IT.
    Also, those boots... I'd wear them all the time too... if I went anywhere, ever. And if there wasn't snow... so maybe I'd never wear them, but I'd like to.
    I use ... too much. Sorry... (one too many coffees for this over tired momma)
    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

    1. I just went through that. So horrible. I am pretty sure I am mostly bald. Also, I could knit a beautiful floor rug for the nursery from my cascading (read falling out) locks. Shudder. COFFEE. Yes please.

  3. Too cute Momma especially about the "scrappy poodle" lol!
    xo, Nicole

    1. Aww thanks, Nicole! Can't wait to see your outfit posts!!


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