Friday, 19 February 2016

Wear it All - Week Two

Sometimes you walk the dog. Sometimes the dog walks you.
It's time for week two of wearing everything in my closet. If you missed the scintillating week one update, check it out here.

I've discovered something about myself lately. Okay. That's a lie. I've ACKNOWLEDGED something about myself lately. 

I can't keep everything together at the same time. 

If my house is clean, assume my children are starving. If my kids are nicely dressed, assume I'm fifty pounds heavier. If I'm working out every day, assume I left the car running at the store and walked home. If I'm cooking five-course meals, pray for my marriage.

Since adding blogging to the mix, a friend recently said to me (with the brutal honesty only good friends, internet trolls and siblings enjoy), "Abbie, you've always been spacey, but now you're CYBERspacey." Truth.

Thank goodness for written lists and new mercies every morning. Since we got dressed every day this week, if anyone feels led to clean a house, I'm here for you. Also, I realized that I ate pizza three out of the last seven days, so this week has obviously been great. 

Via @scarymommy on Instagram
Also, even though I don't love Pinterest yet (hey, I have at least seventeen pins now, okay?), I've discovered a new way to use it that is going to make getting dressed even EASIER. I'm going to be trying it out starting today. This article is all about using Pinterest to style your existing stuff. Type in your articles of clothing and KABAM. A million styled outfits.  

Has everyone else been doing this for years and I have been wasting brain cells coming up with my OWN outfits? Le sigh. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably think I wore this dress every day for the last week, but it turns out, that is NOT the case. (Sadly. It's cold.) 

Here are this week's outfits.

This vest hides a multitude of rolls.
Hanging with the family and generally recuperating from a busy week.

High black boots. Shoulda gone with booties.
I didn't get a picture of the pancake-batter powdered tunic I wore to church, but I did snap a quick pic of the outfit I wore to my 'Galentine's' evening out at a Coeur de Pirate concert with every other French speaking person in Saskatoon. Oui oui oui.


It's a holiday here in Saskatchewan! Activewear all the way. Perhaps if I worked out, I wouldn't require the camouflage vest. Hmmm. I'll consider it. Also, that's not baby vomit on my leg. It's an Adidas symbol. FYI.

On the right: The two accessories I wear with everything.
Loose blouses are good when you've been on the "hydrate diet." 

Tr├Ęs healthy, non? Om nom nom.

Same necklace. Different blouse.
Fortunately, Wednesday's legging as pants situation was remedied by a lot of coffee and a pizza date with ADULTS. Remember those? Me neither.

Has anyone else noticed this is THE THIRD DAY IN A ROW I've been wearing these jeans? No? Never mind then.
We had a fun playdate followed by not so fun vaccinations. You win some, you lose some. I also wore my black suede booties for the last three days, but apparently decided my feet were unworthy of photographing.

Gabrielle and I are ready to unleash Pinterest to bedazzle ourselves, BUT FIRST... a selfie. Apparently selfie face is a real problem afflicting even babies.

Do you have any tips or tricks for repurposing or refreshing your wardrobe without adding any pieces? I'd love to hear them!

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