Monday, 8 February 2016

ReMOVE It Monday Update: Closet Downsizing

The 'leggings-as-pants police' have written me an official warning.
Between sick kids and personally experiencing the real influenza virus this last week, I didn't get as much closet downsizing done in January as I'd hoped. Basically I wore fleece-lined leggings and oversized plaid tops for the last two weeks, okay? No judgment.

Here's the reMOVE it Monday update. 

I've been slowly paring down my closet in these areas:

1. Smuggling a beach ball: I recently went through my maternity clothes and got rid of the raggedy or really out of date stuff. The rest can stay all packed away... just in case... but I think my 'just-in-case' feeling is getting smaller. Two little ladies seems like just the right amount, at least during this lovely period of life with little to no sleep.

2. Summer wear: While packing for our family trip to Cuba, I got rid of a bunch of out-of-date summer wear. I feel like there's even more to be done, but setting everything out let me see that I basically buy the same shirt over and over in several different colours or patterns. I will carefully assess what I have and if I need to update or add ANYTHING to this wardrobe in the spring. The goal is NO.

3. Accessories: I tend to buy cheaper jewellery and slightly more expensive bags. I love bags and I tend to gravitate toward one or two of them each season. A few weeks ago, I donated all the jewellery that I don't wear and threw out all the old corroded stuff and the single earrings with no hope of reunion. It felt great. I have really cut back on my jewellery wearing during this stage of baby and toddler life. I wear less of it and choose more simple styles. I have also moved toward carrying smaller bags. I recently purchased one versatile bag (ON SALE) for the spring and summer that I think will be neutral and my favourite. More on that another day...

So this month,  I'm combining my need to get dressed in the morning to feel like a person and my closet downsizing. I've already shared my goal to wear ALL of my shoes. Why not expand that to wearing EVERYTHING in my closet? The goal is to stay up-to-date without buying any more pieces.

I'll be posting my week's outfits on Fashion Fridays with my observations. Less is more. We'll see how it goes!


  1. I read that in January you should flip all of your hangers backwards and as you wear the clothing put them back on the hanger how you normally would hang them by the end of the year whatever is still flipped backwards gets donated.

    1. I love that idea. What a great visual cue to a. wear the clothes and b. easily sort out what isn't creating value for you anymore. I am definitely doing this. Thank you for the tip!

  2. I like this idea I recently purged a lot out of my closet and donated it feels so good to have most of what you actually wear in there!
    xo, Nicole


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