Monday, 22 February 2016

ReMOVE it Monday- Time to Hit The Books

"Fill your house with stacks of books, in all of the crannies and in all of the nooks." Dr. Seuss
Since last week's reMOVE it Monday was basically about adding a new free dress to my wardrobe (loophole!), the pressure is really on to downsize.

By now we all know that I'm culling my wardrobe by wearing (or removing... DONATING) everything in my closet, but since our little family has a move coming up this summer, I'm starting to feel the pressure to really clean house. Note that I did not say, clean THE house. That's a whole 'nother ballgame. 

This week, I'm focusing on books. I love books. I mean, I REALLY love books. I love books more than shoes. My guilty pleasure is googling book storage.
  • The under-the-stair bookcase? Yes please.
  • The wall of bookshelves with furniture just hanging out in front? Sign me up.
  • The rolling ladder? Be still my heart.
  • That weird chair probably made out of wooden pallets with all the slots for books?  Sure! Well, maybe not that one.
Try to see past the kids' paraphernalia that has thrown up in our living room. Nathan built this. He gets me. He is a man of many talents.
In fact, my favourite childhood memories are not the awesome trips my parents dragged us on or the glorious lake afternoons. Nope. I distinctly recall tagging along with my dad to every semi-condemned secondhand book shop we could find, usually on a Saturday morning. Is there anything better than that mildewy smell of dust and possibility? I think not. 

In the world of Amazon and online book discounters, there aren't too terribly many secondhand book shops left (although Westgate Books in Saskatoon is still going strong). I usually read the digital copy first and if I love it, I'll purchase the book. Even though I love the convenience of reading on my IPad and I'll often download books through the Canadian library app (Overdrive), I still contend that nothing beats a hardcover copy in your hands. However, this means that between my books (my personal collection, my high school teacher English collection and my high school teacher French collection), Nathan's books, and now Emily's expanding library, it's time to make some tough choices.

Even Gabrielle and her friends are real book bums bunnies.

This might be a reluctant downsize, but it needs to happen. Over the next four months, my goal is to sort through them all: the mediocre reads, the double copies, the outdated textbooks and the forever inspiring nineties Christian dating books...
Jokes on me, Michelle. I'm currently Sleepless, Snarly, and (un)Showered
I may also burn my high school diary that my sister discovered recently. I looked for it for over ten minutes tonight, determined to find a horrifying excerpt. Nathan thinks I threw it out. I solemnly swear to share the shame if/when I find it.

Remember those magic eye books? How about the exciting scholastic book order science experiment books? No. Me neither... 

On an unrelated note, if you're in the Saskatoon area, I can recommend a killer garage sale coming up in July... 

Wish me luck.

Are you a book hoarder lover? How do you decide what to keep and what to toss?

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