Monday, 29 February 2016

Dear Moms - If You Read This Book. "Create vs. Copy" - A Review

When I started reading Ken Wytsma's new book, Create vs. Copy, honestly, I donned my teacher hat. I was thinking in terms of innovation and leadership in the classroom and I was ready to approach the book as a thoughtful educational read.

But then I read the front cover.

Embrace change. Ignite creativity. Break through with imagination.

AND then I kept on reading and it didn't take long because this is no lengthy grueling read to make you feel like you've accomplished an arduous task. In fact, it barely felt like work.

Here's the deal. Moms, don't read this book. 

We like our straight forward how-to-books because there's nothing like seeing a little mirror toddler running around to inspire self-help. But this? This ISN'T a step by step guide to improving your Pinterest crafts, organizing your daily tasks or even improving your attitude. There is no 'mom guilt alley' (even in the appendix). 

THIS is a challenge to learn through exploration. To start being and doing.

  "This book is meant to encourage you about the good news of your God-given creative capacity and how to harness it to take charge of your life, flourish, succeed, and find innovative and exciting ways to navigate the circumstances of life."

If you start reading this book, you're going to start actually connecting the God of creation to our own inherent need to create. You'll be encouraged to channel that creativity into intentionality or putting legs to imagination. Instead of playing it safe and sticking to the nap schedule, you're going to open yourself to innovative solutions and more of God's plan in your life. 

Who has time for that in the daily monotonous grind?

This book is for leaders. We, my friends are parents. What in motherhood would lead you to want to effect change today and adapt to a myriad of situations?  

"Embracing creativity is about leaning into who we are as children of a creative God, whose Spirit and power move in our lives as we respond to Him and endeavor to make space for life."

In fact, thinking outside the box and following our creative instincts is positively childish. I mean, who tells STORIES to get their point across anyway?
"In Lewis’s essay “On Three Ways of Writing for Children,” the reason for writing children’s stories that most applied to him is that “a children’s story is the best art form for something you have to say.” Perhaps this is one reason Jesus spoke in parables: He understood that saying in story what He could have said plainly had a greater effect, that it felt truer, that it spoke through the mind and into the heart."

The further you absorb this message, the more you are going to start believing in praying bigger, living larger, and fostering imagination and creativity... and not just in ourselves. 

This will affect your kids. 

Instead of filling every moment with activity, actually allowing time and space for God to work in our lives might mean that even our children begin to explore life differently. Do things that the neighbours aren't doing. That could be hard to explain.

"God commands us to sing a new song. It is our privilege and responsibility to make A New Song... space for life, to breathe creativity into our world—in whatever capacity we can."

The idea that God made each of us to contribute in an individual joyful way? Is that really sustainable, you guys? 

You guys? 


You're buying it right now, aren't you?  

That's the thing about moms. They always know best.

*All quotes in this post are from Create vs. Copy by Ken Wytsma. I wholeheartedly recommend this book. Go get yourself a copy or feel free to borrow mine.

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