Friday, 8 January 2016

Notice Me Neutrals.

Well it's a new year and I don't know about you, but I have been feeling the need to simplify.
When it comes to fashion, SIMPLE is synonymous with LAZY, so win-win. As you've already seen here, over the next few months, I'll be using reMOVE it Mondays to start paring down my wardrobe and making use of ALL my clothes. 

I'm still going to be using Fashion Fridays to highlight an outfit or trend, so one gather, one discard every week, mainly for myself because I'm pretty sure everyone else has already gotten their lives under control. Right?

And don't worry. Emma will definitely be back this year with My Sister's Closet to jazz us all up a bit.  

I'm sure by March, I'll be wearing yoga pants with yesterday's t-shirt, but today, here we go...

Today's GATHER? Neutrals.

Yes. Neutrals. Go grab all your taupe, sand, oatmeal, cream, and beige. Anything in the foundation family, really. Also, greys and pinks... and BLACK. Because... black.  

Hey, you're the one reading the blog.

Neutrals pair seamlessly with black for an updated fresh look, without breaking the bank. A neutral set of pumps or booties (I have cream, pinky taupe, beige, cognac, and black) will carry you through all seasons.

While most of us have one black coat or jacket kicking around, this birthday, I received a pretty awesome camel-coloured dress-coat, which I'm planning to wear at all times with a lot of wrinkle creams outfits.

I'm also pleased to report that the wide-leg or flare pant is back (keep rummaging, you know you have them) and us short girls can get away with the look by keeping a fitted upper thigh (thanks Christmas eating) and a tall shoe.

So, my comfy (but classy) look today is camel highlights on black.

I've paired black wide-leg pant + neutral shirt (black + beige) + camel coat + black bootie/pump. 

 Lazy. Easy. Simple. Elegant.

Oh hi, new selfie stick. So confused.
Am I doing it right?
Hair style apparently not included.
If your kids are into anything Star Wars, 
a collar like this might be a hit... or is that Star Trek? 
How many factions have I just offended?
Little pop of colour on the sleeves and the collar. Just imagine a similar stripe down the back. Try selfie-ing your back. I dare you.
Hmmm... Maybe if I clean out those drawers, it'll be easier to CLOSE THEM...
Miz Mooz. One of my go-to shoes. Comfy. Fun. Neutral.

So that's all going in my KEEP pile. 

Loose. Easy. And other words you wouldn't want taken out of context.

I'm going to be enjoying my new coat and I've been sporting some neutral wool scarves, so I can't justify any purchases right now, but another trend that's been really adorable in neutrals lately is the big chunky sweater

Practical (especially after holiday eating) and on sale at Joe Fresh... Just sayin'.

What's your go-to neutral? 

Do you have one piece that you're thinking of adding to your collection?  

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  1. I LOVE neutrals in general. I feel like I need more lol but that's not what this is about is it?! wah
    LOVE that coat, seriously, LOVE it!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

    1. But sort of! I feel like I'm taking stock of what I've got so that I can be more purposeful in my style. I am the worst for seeing something and going for it without considering how much I'll wear it. I love my coat too! Got spoiled by the fam-jam!

  2. I am finding that I wear very sombre colours in the dark of winter...lots of black and grey. So to pop out of that today I paired my very black and great outfit with blue tights. Because why not. Great post, it made me think. Also...Miz Mooz are my fave too.

    1. Fun! I am hoping you will be posting the outfit with the blue tights. Love unexpected colour, especially in the winter.

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