Friday, 11 December 2015

Update Your Look in Three Easy Steps

For realz, yo.

So, I am not sure if I have any real fashion wisdom to impart ever this week and it's not just because I have no clothing to wear since I haven't done laundry in two weeks... 

Yes it is. It's bad. If you don't hear from us, we may be trapped under the avalanche. Please come dig us out. 

But HEY. Let's get serious for a minute.  I LIKE chatting about clothes and accessories, trends and patterns. I think we humans (and especially we women) are made to express something in all we do, say, and put forward. And it's fun. And it's silly. And we can laugh while we do it.

And fashion?  It's the confidence that emanates when a woman feels put together.

Sometimes, a great outfit, the right shoes, or a fabulous hair cut allows us women to relax into the deeper truth of that underlying beauty.  

I'm not talking about outward appearance defining our worth. 

 I'm talking about being comfortable and pleased with the outward portion of our human peels so we can get on with all the cool stuff going on underneath.

So when I talk "fashion" on this little corner of the internet, I am well aware that I am just spouting off my opinions. That I am emulating other women from whom I catch a glimpse of something I want to hang onto. And hey! You don't have to agree with me. You don't have to LIKE it. You don't have to CARE at all!

Heck, one of my best friends actually HATES about 90% of what I wear (yes, Kaleena, I AM talking about you). That's usually how I know it's on trend. And we laugh about it all the time because

It's opinions over facts. It's inventing over truth. It is all just window dressing. And it should just be fun.

So... on that note, have you ever felt like you might like to spruce up your look but you don't even know where to start? 

It's almost Christmas so I in no way advocate running out to buy a whole new wardrobe. That's what Boxing Day is for...  And just to be clear, my high school style was trying to look like this:

Um yes! Soooo hot. The pasty matte skin, BROWN eye shadow, DARK lips and TWEEZED to the max brows? CHOKER and FLOWER? On point, guuurrrl.

Hey. It's Drew Barrymore people. She can get away with whatever she wants. I bet she used sun-in to get that natural looking hair hue.  
You know what I'm talking about.


Here are three lazy AND cheap little tricks to update your look with minimal effort and cost (no sun-in required).   

1. Eyebrows. 

Refer back to Drew there for a moment... Eyebrows have changed SLIGHTLY. I am not saying you need to go all Bert from Sesame Street...
Brows on fleek?
but ladies with thick brows? You are so IN right now. 

Recently, I tried two things with my eyebrows and I am pretty happy about them both. 
  • I went to see Lizzie, the Brow Babe in Saskatoon. I had my eyebrows tinted and shaped. Turns OUT I HAD eyebrows, they were just white blonde (which is upsetting since my ROOTS aren't anymore). If you don't believe she is a genius, go scam her Instagram account (@thebrowbabe). Do it. I feel like my eyebrows are much fuller and way less work. Lazy = win.
  •  I fill in my eyebrows with a brow powder (and a brush), not a pencil. Less Bert, more... I don't know. Just not Drew Barrymore circa 1995.
Selfie-face is a problem afflicting real women near you.

I am not telling you to do either of these things. I AM telling you to google/YouTube a few brow tutorials and play around with your own. You might notice a surprising update to your look without a lot of effort.
But if you think you might end up like this, then I AM telling you to go see Lizzie. 911. Brow Babe, stat.

2. Change up your part. 

 I love hair but we have established that I am lazy. Straight-haired people, it would horrify you how little I wash my hair (we'll talk about that another day) as evidenced by a before-and-after greasy hair pic that I posted lately...
Shudder. Hygiene. Working on it. I do SHOWER. Okay? Dry shampoo is my friend

I'm not telling you to change your hair colour/length/cut. For a super easy difference in your look, why not just change your part? 

If you're always a middle, go to the side. Or the other side. Or the middle. You get it. Tuck your hair behind your ears. UNtuck your hair. BRUSH your hair. Heck, WASH your hair. Whatever. Small changes, big difference.

Middle Tucked. Side note: I am cool with random cowlicks. You may not be. You do you, babe.
Side, half tuck.
Other side, untucked.
Middle(ish), untucked.

3. Lip colour:

Tons of makeup? Ain't no momma got time for that. However, a tube of lipstick will run you $5-$10 and jazz up your style (I also add mascara because you can basically glue your eyes open, which helps me not fall asleep during everyday tasks).

Not sold on lipSTICK? There's tons of tinted glosses that aren't quite as bold. Ease in. I dare you. Try a new shade or two.

NOW... go scroll back up to those selfies and check out my lip colours (love this one). Yup, there are THREE different colours, but I didn't have to post more photos. 

So Lazy Brilliant.

So go sparkle and dazzle at your next holiday party with your fancy face and when someone asks you what's different?

Just smile and tell them sleep deprivation is the new black. 


  1. love this!!
    I need me a great brow lady... SK might be a wee bit far to travel for that though :(
    you're looking super fab in all the hairstyle pics!! impressive!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

    1. Ha! Yes! Maybe time for a SK visit!! I think Deena would be in!

    2. I second that. And raise you a glass of red.

    3. But... in the summer. We're all "choosing our winter" but we are not crazy enough to make anyone else choose it. Oh no.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. Your lips look amazing all those colors. I am in the process of incorporating lipstick into my regime. I am a work in progress!

    1. Thanks Jordan! Me too on the work in progress. I like the lipstick because it says "I'm put together" but it only takes 3 seconds. Yay for lazy style!!

  3. Great post! Love you're writing style :)


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