Friday, 18 December 2015

DRESS Up Your Holiday Party - Casual to Classy

Hellooooo Friday! 

... Me? Late to the Fashion Friday party? 


Hey. It's STILL Friday. Okay? I'm a mom. I have responsibilities. 


I had a hair appointment. 

Yes, I waited till after my hair appointment to take my photos. Apparently I am that vain.

Moving on.  

So you've got a random variety of holiday parties to attend. Yay! 
But you don't know what to wear. Sigh. 

Before you get dressed, here are three of my lazy holiday dressing up tips: 

1. Hair down.
If your hair's up, you need earrings, so hair down (unless you have some cute bling to show off... Also, unwashed hair works better for up-dos, so now I'm torn.).

2. Tights.
If you're going to have to take your shoes off at the party, TIGHTS... unless you have the best pedicure ever. I'm not jealous. Nope.

3. Dresses.
They can be casual or glam but it's one less piece of clothing to choose and if you're going to adult, why not go all out? I can wear my sweater and jeans to the kids' Christmas party tomorrow.  

Okay, here we go!

Three Holiday Looks from Casual to Dressy.

1. The Casual Dress.

The 70s Swing Dress. This one's from Lulu's and I may have gotten it (and the next one) on Black Friday for over half off. 'Cheap'? My favourite style word apart from 'lazy'. 

Dress + Pendant Necklace (my grandma's) + Boots + (or -) tights.

No tights.
Easy, comfy, cozy. 

With tights. My bathroom (during renos) aka my "safe place" with the locking door.  Moms, you know what I'm talking about.

2. The In-Between Dress.

Mid-way between casual and dressy? The Shift Dress. Because it isn't clear from HERE and HERE how much I love shift dresses...

Shift Dress + long necklace + pumps + (or -) tights.

I can eat as much as I want. I am soooo happy!
Me: Can you see how hairy my legs are? My sister: No. You're blonde, but have you considered self-tanner, vampire lady? Me: Touché.

Shift dress = Lots of room for all the desserts. Have three (dresses and desserts).

3. Dressy.

Go red or go home. Just kidding, but I love this dress. Throw a sweater and some boots on and wear it to work or church or go simple with some pumps and you're ready to party. 

Fitted sheath dress (this one's from Le Chateau a while back).

Just don't eat all the things... or (a more practical solution), eat all the things (YES!) and wear Spanx. They also make fun tightsI forgot to wear my Spanx in this picture. Fail. 

 / / / / /

So, leave the kids at home with the babysitter because the monitor does NOT reach further than three blocks and enjoy rocking around the Christmas tree, until you get to come home and rock the baby...




"Good thing we're so darn cute." 

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  1. lol first of all, you look fan-freaking-tastic for having two kids ESPECIALLY one as young as yours! UNfair!
    You look smoking hot in that red dress, seriously!
    Now I want to dress up... minus the effort to dress up... and go out...

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

    1. Thanks Shaunacey! I figured I better get that post done BEFORE all the holiday EATING. Oh dear... Might be stretchy pants for the next two weeks. Merry Christmas!!


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