Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide for Expecting or New Moms

All I want for Christmas is to Sleep Through the Night.

December's here which means Christmas is just around the corner! Time to get busy, lil elves!

So what DOES that expecting or new mom want in her compression stocking?

I'm here to help. 

Husbands? Kids? Friends? Listen up. Sometimes the best gifts cost nothing at all. For realz.  (For everything else, there's MasterCard.)

She's tired. Her back hurts. She pees more than your fifteen year old border-collie. 

Or... she's frazzled, she hasn't brushed her hair in three days, and she's rocking a loaf of bread in the kitchen.

Hmm. Can you BUY sleep?

Here are my top five FREE gift ideas for the Soon-to-be or New Mom.  

Note: You could pay for these or you could put in a little extra effort and save some cash.

1. Pre-made Freezer Meals. 
This is a fantastic gift. Nutrition made easy when needed. It doesn't cost a lot of money and it says you care. The best versions I've received were no hassle straight-to-the-slow cooker delicious suppers. 

2. Babysitting.
If you want to give a gift, why not give your time? Offer to babysit (or better yet, take the kids out) so mom can catch a break or some much needed shut-eye. If you don't have time, why not offer to pay for some babysitting? Gift covered.

3. House Cleaning. 
If you use a little elbow grease, this could be a money-free gift. If you're short on time but long on cash, the BEST gift I received when I had my second daughter was eight hours of cleaning through an amazing local company, Freaky Clean. Honestly, it felt like an incredible luxury and helped me feel a little less behind on the everyday tasks. 

4. Manicure/hair appointment. (Bonus points if paired with babysitting)
So the jeans don't fit and the shirt's too small. There's nothing better than a little pampering to feel pretty when other parts of the body are out of control. Give her a manicure or pedicure or pay for a spa trip. New hair or fresh nails can lift a mom-to-be or mommy's spirits and provide her a little me-time out of the house. 
5. Maternity or Newborn Photoshoot.
With all the ideas on the internet, it's easier than ever to capture the special moments along the way to baby's arrival. Some of my favourite maternity and newborn pictures were taken by my sister in an informal setting with the two of us and her camera. This is a fantastic free gift or you can spring for a session with a professional photographer. Lasting memories = gift genius.
On my sister's couch with the bathroom hand towel... Oh yeah!

Wanting something unique or looking to pay a little money? 

Here are a few more ideas that will run you between $50-$100 Canadian...


For the expecting mama: 

6. The Holo.
Looks simple. Is awesome.
 This one is for the expecting mom who really misses sleeping or lying on her stomach. 

Even though it ships from Britain, it arrives within a week and I used mine A LOT. I slept on it, used it at the beach and it is one of my all-time favourite maternity products. Plus, it's *a bit* of a conversation piece...

For EITHER the expecting or new mama: 

7. The MakeMyBellyFit Coat Extender. 

This gift will last through pregnancy and through the whole first year of motherhood. It allows expecting and new mamas to wear their existing jackets while pregnant and baby carrying. 

I can't stop raving about this product and I have a whole review on it here. Check it out.

8. Accessories.
So you're scared to buy clothing in the WRONG SIZE. Very smart. Make her day with a fun accessory that will fit even if your gift recipient isn't at back to her normal weight or size. You can go as pricy or as economical as you want. Scarves, boots, jewellery, or hats are all fun gift ideas!  

For the New Mama. 

9. The Lalabu Soothe Shirt.
Snug as a bug in a rug

Such a cool way to carry baby close to your skin without the hassle of a carrier. My newborn loved it and I loved having my hands free. It looks adorable paired with an open cardigan or all alone. 

Size up one size. I am usually an XS or S and I wish I had ordered a M. 

10. Still Rad Clothing.
Yes please! via Instagram @stillrad
Hint, hint, husband (He's so not reading this). I absolutely love these graphic tees and sweaters. I'm hoping to receive one in my stocking this year. 

Like maybe this one ... via @stillrad on Instagram


So get busy making or shopping, 'cause you know what they say... 

If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. 

Merry Christmas, lil elves!

What would you add to the list? 
Any go-to presents for expecting or new moms?

Looking for some other gift ideas? 
Why not blog hop over to Deena's blog for some more?


  1. okay, that holo is hilarious looking but I could have soooo used it when I was pregnant.

    The other gift ideas are just perfect... I'd love for someone to gift me with cleaning right about now... or a babysitter. lol

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

    1. It is ridiculous.... but I loved it!!!! Haha. Plus it deflates to nothing, unlike postpartum bellies. Amen to the house cleaning and babysitting.

  2. Is it wrong that I kinda still want that holo, but with holes for my boobs? Checking out that Still Rad Clothing asap! Great post, friend!

    1. Ha! I wish (on the boob front). Still Rad clothing = awesome. Too bad I can't follow directions... Le sigh.


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