Saturday, 7 November 2015

Back in Black

If you're anything like me, you've got plenty of black in your closet (hello, slimming!), but maybe you're not sure how to put it all together without channeling Morticia Adams or that sweet little emo kid down the block. 

Check out this dandy little combo. 

Felt hat- Aldo
Vest- RW & Co. 
Boots- Winners, Restricted Brand
Pants- Ricki's straight leg pant
Shirt- Soya Concept
Rose-Gold Watch- Ricki's 

Why don't we all own a felt hat this season?

So easy, pretty darn affordable, available everywhere and about as low maintenance as a mom bun or toque (winter hat, U.S. friends), but way cuter.

 Emma's shirt is Soya Concept, another brand I can't get enough of. Their shirts are loose, but figure-flattering and they last. 

If you're local, you can usually get pretty great deals on Soya Concept at Dutch Growers, Tonic, or out in Warman at Clothing Obsession

Emma pairs up different textures and patterns to snazz up a basic black fall look. Her fun boots and leather-look vest (I want!) make this outfit feel high-end and cozy. Plus, it is easily layered under a jacket as it gets crisper outside.

What do you think of Emma's look? 

"Oh hey, Auntie. Let me tell you just 14 little stories about this day..."


  1. I love Soya Concept shirts, they seem softer than others. Great outfit! I love that hat, I have one but am unsure where I would wear it. Does one wear it indoors?

    1. I have been pondering this one too! Emma takes hers off inside and usually when I put on a hat, it's staying on all day, but the brim is so much wider. What do you do with yours, Deena? I'm on the hunt for mine this week.

    2. I generally only wear mine when I know I'm outside for most of the day. I get such terrible hat hair once it's one, it's not coming off until I can get to a mirror. They do look gorgeous though!

    3. Good to know! So buy it a little big or commit!! :-)

    4. I haven't actually worn it out

    5. Not a fail at all! Update. I just got one. I feel weirdly unsure about it, even after my fashion advisor (Emma) helped me pick it! I had a burgundy uber floppy one in my mind, but went with a slightly smaller forest green one... Verdict's still out. I also think I will mainly wear it outside or in public settings.


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