Monday, 16 November 2015

Shift Dress + Tights = Fall Love

If you're anything like me, your usual "dress" code may be more like this...


but let's talk about style that feels like pajamas. 

Enter the shift dress. Emma's is from Joe Fresh clearance (Yay Superstore once again!).  

The beauty of the shift dress is that it looks like you're feeling fancy, but you could have just eaten a six-course dinner (or your toddler's lunch... or all your feelings).  

Whatever, mama. No judgment here.

Plus, if you pair it with boots, you can get away with leggings underneath. Tights and a cute pair of heels will kick it up one notch, a collar necklace and a cinched waist with a cute belt and you are ready for your cousin's wedding, church on Sunday (Holy Shift!... too far?), or the U.P.S. guy (KIDDING!)

Feeling a little lumpy 'round the middle? My favourite pair of tights are from SPANX. They were a little pricier at $28.00, but they have held up for a year and suck everything in for a streamlined look. 

Check out Emma's look below!  

Shift Dress: Joe Fresh

Necklace: Ardene's

Belt: Ricki's 

Tights: generic (not SPANX. Sigh. I wish)

Maroon Wedge Suede Pumps: Walmart
Cinched up & dressed up! or as I like to call it, Morning Ambition.
Casual. Chic. Comfy... or as I like to call it, After Lunch.

Has this post got you feeling shifty? 

What's your go-to dress-up look?


  1. that's such a cute dress, I have a feeling I'd be rocking the 'after lunch' look more often than not!

    1. Ditto! None of this belting it stuff for me at the moment. It's been nice that looser styles are back in. I am enjoying them.

  2. I heart Superstore.

    1. Right? I shouldn't even go in there. I just came for milk...


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