Saturday, 14 November 2015

NO Sugar, Sugar.

You are my candy girl... Well. That got UN-fun fast.
So, remember that time I got all deep about my food intake then made crazy public goals about how and what I was going to eat and NOT eat? 


To be fair, I started Tuesday evening, so that's like ... carry the one ... divide by eleven...

Four. Days. Ago. 

Excerpts from my internal dialogue:

I'll just have a cookie. Wait. No cookie. Aww darn.

Once I add half a cup of this hazelnut coffee creamer... Wait. No creamer. Seriously??

And a donut. NO! Oh, for the love of Pete! No donut.   

And one for me. No. None for me. None. For. Me.

I'll just finish that off for you, Emily. No. No I won't. SIGH.

Yes, I'll have a candy! Oh right. Cool. That's cool... SOB.

Dessert!... Oh. No, no. You have another piece. I'll. Watch.

I'll just lick the spoon. Wait. NO SPOON?!!!

Um, so YEAH. It's going really well. 
How are YOU doing? 
Kay bye.

Just kidding. As if I'm done talking.

So, I haven't cheated once. It's hard, man. HARD. 

For example, I made my mother-in-law's amazing fudgy-cakey-brownie-like-dessert yesterday and then DIDN'T EAT ANY! 

         "You're welcome, everyone else." This photo should have a chocoholics trigger warning.

Observations so far: 
1. Wow. I eat a lot more sugar than I realized.
2. Wow. I love sugar. Wait. How much sugar am I feeding my toddler?
3. Cutting out sugar isn't THAT bad. It's easier for me than limiting it. When I don't have the first bite, I don't have to fight not have another one. So far, this has been a pretty good mental check for me in my eating. 

Public accountability helps. Is it pride? Is it fear? Who knows.   

Having an alternate plan helps. You know how, with kids, if you pack a diaper bag, change of clothes, and some snacks, everything goes swimmingly all day, but when you (heaven forbid) forget the cheerios/wipes/extra pants, all hell breaks loose?

Turns out I'm basically a food toddler.

Toddler with Fist
Yes! Didn't eat sweets for ALMOST four days. NAILED IT.


  • I think I am eating more mindfully and feeding my family more healthy meals.
  • I feel pretty smug about sticking to my word for (almost)  four days. 
  • Despite my baby being up all night every night lately, I feel like I do have more energy and a little less desire for sweets.

Oh that's good!  

But wait...
  • that kill-joy feeling when everyone else is enjoying a treat. 
  • How long can I sustain this? I don't know. It's been like four years days.
  • For some reason my face is breaking out like a fourteen year old boy. This seems unfair, universe. Reward me. 

Oh that's bad!
How does this Oh that's good! Oh that's bad story end?  

We'll find out. 

I'd better see some results soon. 

I'll keep you posted. 


  1. I hear ya on this one. I did the initial no sugar in July and there's a bunch of things that I didn't go back sugar in my coffee or on my porridge. But cookies? They're still all kinds wonderful.

    1. Oh cookies!!
      That's exactly it. I am figuring out that some things I don't miss at all. Some things I need. Like wine. Wine I miss. Wine will be back in 2 weeks.

  2. NO sugar?! I'd cave at this one fast... or switch the sugar for some other crap.

    1. plus, there's sugar in wine, no? no dice

    2. Too funny! That is exactly what I am missing! My evening glass of wine. It will be back, but I think there are a few changes I will stick with. We'll see. Christmas is coming!!


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