Monday, 2 November 2015

My Sister's Closet. DEBUT

I don't have ANY claim as a fashionista, a photographer (ha!) or a blogger (read: zero tech skills), as I mentioned in this "fash-hun" post, but I love wearing cute clothes and feeling put-together, both at work as a high school teacher and at home, hanging out with my minions.  

I think we all have that friend that we call or text for fashion advice. There is ONE person who is truly my style compass. If she says, "Burn it," it's leaving the closet today. If she says, "Yes, that works," I'll wear it tomorrow.  

You know the girl who's always got it together? Who you secretly want to emulate as soon as you get home? Me too. She's my sister, so I can't even hate her. You couldn't either, because she's as funny and kind as she is drop-dead-gorgeous.

Meet Emma. 

Realtor, Interior Decorator, Dog Lover, Wife, and Auntie extraordinaire. You are going to love her look as much as I do. Dressed up or down, she has a knack for incorporating trends, high and low-end pieces, and goodness if she couldn't make a paper bag look good. She proves that modesty is alluring and always in.

I'm going to be posting Emma's fall and winter looks over the next couple of months on Instagram @grumblinggrace under the hashtag #mysisterscloset and here on the blog under the same label. I am hoping to improve my photography skills as we go! Be kind.

Falling for Emma (what? I love it!)

I'm proud to say that is my Matt & Nat purse Emma is carrying. Their pieces are vegan leather and often go on sale, making them affordable. 

This one is the perfect size for paperwork or as a stylish fall diaper bag. While they don't have this exact bag on sale this season, this bowling bag is very similar and has a cross-body strap which I find extremely useful while toting around two kids. 

I also own these flattering jeans, Banana Republic slim boyfriend capris ON SALE for $24.99 at their outlet store! 

They work so well with the mid-height of boot that is everywhere this year, especially if you are a little on the short side. 

Photo by Swank Shoe Lounge, Saskatoon

Speaking of boots, I have to post a photo of the boots Emma is rocking because my photography skills do not do them justice. 

Here's an example of a high-end piece to put on your Christmas list this year: Steve Madden's Freebird. These are Emma's favourite boots this year. Stylish, versatile & comfortable. (Note: these are cute too and a tad more affordable)

I can't get enough of the cream and wine colour combo this fall.

I love the way the gold sparkle detail in Emma's scarf dresses up her whole look. 

Can you believe that both Emma's lace top and this jacket are Joe Fresh? I am kicking myself for not picking up the lace top this summer while I was hugely pregnant and couldn't fathom fitting anything but a mu-mu.

Details on Emma's look:
Scarf: Ardene's 
Lace-layered Shirt: Joe Fresh 
Jeans: Banana Republic distressed slim boyfriend cro
Boots: Steve Madden
Bag: Matt & Nat
Coat: Joe Fresh

What do you think of Emma's first fall look? 

What high-end pieces do you invest in? 

All constructive comments welcome.

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