Friday, 13 November 2015

Floppy Hat

Remember the song Smelly Cat Phoebe sang on Friends?  

I'm currently singing, "Floppy hat. Floppy hat. Where do I wear you?" to the same tune.

Ever since Emma modeled her floppy suede hat, I have wanted one. The general consensus from fashionable ladies on the comments was: Yep! We like them. Where do we wear them? How do we wear them?

I headed into town looking for a burgundy over-sized floppy hat, but after much consultation with my style adviser (Emma), I ended up with a much smaller forest-green hat (on sale for $15 at Aldo I might add). So... here are my thoughts:
1. I felt more unsure about how it looked than I thought I would and I did a lot of mirror staring and brim adjusting.
2. Now I like it a lot. Good call, oh Style Adviser. 
3. I'm going to wear it mainly outside or in public settings. 

Hey, here it is with my favourite boots!

I sort of feel like a cross between an Australian outback adventurer, a cowgirl, and a detective when I wear it. 

And I like it.
Love the colour
"Fine. You were right, oh Style Adviser."
Tim Horton's. Thank you for caffeinating our nation.

Our fall weather has been phenomenal. Shirtsleeves & no snow in November! Whoot whoot!
Want details for this outfit? Click here.

Are you in or out on the floppy hat for fall?


  1. Okay, I'm really going to try wearing my floppy hat out in public this week before we switch to tuques. Love your field looking beautiful as always.

    1. Do it! I love the colour of yours. Yes, the Warman dog park is pretty exotic. Soaking up this weather!


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