Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Fix me some fitness

Gabs makes a great free weight.

So this week, I decided to get on the fitness train, full steam ahead. 

As you may have read, I've been doing the exercise portion of the 21 Day Fix with my sister, but I tend to struggle with the food part of fitness, which sort of undermines the whole "results" thing. 

Don't get me wrong, birthing two kids has shown me how tough and adaptable our bodies can be. I am not striving for perfection. I just want to feel strong and fit and maybe even comfortable in a bathing suit on the beach in January. Not that I'm counting down or anything. Nope. 

* 9 more weeks. Gasp. *

However, two months is too daunting of a time period for me to stay motivated. I miss two DAYS and I feel like all is lost, eat all the cookies, and quit. It is very weird and slightly counterproductive. It this perfectionism? If so, it always ends up resulting in quitting, which doesn't seem very perfect. 

Plus, even though external events like a beach holiday are motivating to me in the short-term, I'm trying to figure out a way to adopt a lifestyle I can stick to that is healthy long-term.

Autumn (from the 21 Day Fix) is always peppily quipping, "You can do anything for a minute!" so I figure, what the heck, I can do anything for three weeks (less pep, more gritting of teeth), one day at a time. It's going to be my start on making some positive changes in relating to food and replacing time and energy spent on bad habits with good ones.

Annnddd.. I kind of like this No Sweets November idea from Morgan...

So, for the next three weeks, I'm committing to: 
1.  No Sweets. Sob. I don't know if this is sustainable for me down the road, but after my Halloween candy eating, I think it's a good start to redeveloping healthy eating patterns.  

2. Eating 3 reasonable meals and no eating after 7:30pm (my evening snacking kills me).  I don't think the 21-Day-Fix EATING plan is my best bet right now. I will follow the principles outlined. Don't judge me. The containers are the size of a small tear. I'm supporting another human being and cooking for a toddler and a grown man, for the love... Baby steps. Maybe in December. 

3. Following the 21 Day Fix workout plan.  

4. Checking in and being accountable under the Fitness tab on how it's going.

If you are incredibly self-disciplined in your eating and exercising OR, on the opposite spectrum, if you have further to go in your own weight loss and food journey, then maybe you won't relate to this, but I think a lot of moms struggle with the last ten pounds and feeling like the strongest physical version of themselves.  That's where I'm at today.

Here are my stats today. We'll see if there's a difference in three weeks.

Oh public accountability. You are weirdly terrifying. 

Stats as of November 10, 2015:
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 131 lbs
Chest: 36"
Right Arm: 11"
Left Arm: 11"
Waist: 32"
Hips: 36"
Right thigh: 23"
Left thigh: 22"
Total inches: 171.

What are some positive health changes you've made that have lasted?

How do you keep your motivation going long-term?  

Please keep all comments constructive.


  1. bahahaha, the containers are ridiculously small. I follow to the workouts and use the eating plan as a guide....but give myself margin for error...and starbucks..and cookies....

    1. Ha! That sounds a lot more doable! Exactly, I'll structure my eating around it, but not IN it!


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