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Fit Mamas. How to workout after bébé.

Hey Moms (and deer-in-headlights-everyone-else who stumbled onto this post),

Here's a quick who/what/where/when/why for you:

Who: I'm Abbie. I'm thirty-two and a mom of two minions of the female variety. 
Is the sun in my eyes or am I just so tired I can't open them?

What: I love biking/hiking/running/kayaking/swimming OUTSIDE in the great outdoors at reasonable temperatures. So in summer, I do pretty well. I get outside a lot and I flourish (wrinkle) in the sun like a flower (raisin)
Flourishing, Hanging Hearts Lake, Waskesiu, SK
I don't like any form of exercise involving coordination (dance, zumba, aerobics, etc). Sorry, cool talented people. 

Where: I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (say that 5 times fast), which means that for at least 5 months a year, it is freezing outside. Beyond freezing. Like really quite frigid. I get grumpy and unmotivated and eat a lot of pasta and say nasty things.
One of the first google images results for "Saskatoon weather". Enough said. (Photo by CBC SK)

When:  I need a fitness plan that is short and that I can do indoors whenever I can fit it in (evening, naptime, etc).

Why: After the birth of my first daughter, I went back to running too quickly with no strength or core training and had some major SI joint back pain and issues (Ow. Google it. Ow.).  

I needed consistent strength training (not on the list of my fun things) so I could still enjoy all the fun things. 

Plus, I live to eat so exercising = more food without turning into the Goodyear Blimp. Sign me up. 

Exercise also helps me stave off the winter blues. Big time.  

Happy Mommy = Everyone wins. 

I've tried a few fitness plans & here's what I think...

Did I mention I am completely unqualified as an opinion giver?  Good. Disclaimer over. 

Bikini Body Mommy.  If you haven’t checked out Brianna’s inspiring and short FREE work out videos, do it. Do it now.  

She is REAL and her workouts target all parts of the body with very little equipment required. The workouts are short, hard, at home doable, and free. I'll say FREE one more time. She posts daily on Facebook or is easy to find on YouTube and Instagram.  

I like Brianna's routines, I like her story, and I find her very engaging... but when I got back into a reasonably amount of shape, I felt like I needed a little MORE. Maybe I just got a little bored. 

However, her emphasis on community and accountability led me to a part of a very cool group of moms on Facebook. They are positive and encouraging and I highly recommend that you group up with some like-minded moms, in real life or in cyberspace, because accountability (at least for me) is key to discipline and enjoyment in fitness, regardless of how you go about it. 

Lindsay BrinAfter having my second daughter (I'm 3 months postpartum now, so remember the part about not being qualified to give advice), I began getting back into shape using Lindsay Brin’s postnatal core fitness routines.  Don’t let her fool you. This little lady is tough as nails. She is hardcore (get it? Hard. Core...). She will remind you of the places you used to have muscles. She scares me. Amazing. That is all.

Jillian MichaelsMy family is Irish. We respond well to yelling. I like her approach and I find her easy to follow, regardless of the video series, Thirty Day Shred, Yoga Meltdown, whatever. She's focused, succinct and I just like her style.  

Sidenote: there was a chance that we would be living in Irvine, California for a year, so OBVIOUSLY I planned to "run into her" and nonchalantly become her friend. My stalking sweet hopes are dashed since we decided against the international move for now. 

Tracy AndersonI've tried her regular method, her dance video and her postnatal videos. They probably work. Ask Gwynneth Paltrow or Madonna. I have no rhythm so could not do the dance ones. I could not handle the elevator music and her perfectly calm face as she executed killer hard moves. Also, a little too long for my liking. Perhaps I didn't give her a chance. #noregrets
Everything's on fire & you want to die. *Yawn* Photo:

Focus T25I am a fan of Shaun T and the Focus T25 series (over the Insanity series), due to its length. Do I have a short attention span (Hey, look! A fish!)? Maybe. Or two kids. 

Shaun T will peer into your soul... while nearly killing you.

Shaun keeps up the cardio the whole time (which is awesome for losing weight), but I feel like I need to build up my strength before getting back on the T25 train because my knees kill me after his workouts (Am I doing it wrong?). 

21 Day FixMy sister and I have completed two weeks of Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix. I’m beginning to feel like the smaller the ladies are, the scarier. She means business. 

I fit in my jeans again. I feel much stronger overall and my back pain is gone due to the incessant core exercises. I want to hate her, but I keep coming back for more. Every exercise is only a minute, as she will remind you, and you CAN do it. 

Unfortunately, I devised a plan where every time Autumn says her catchphrase, "Give it all you can, then just a little bit more" or ends a sentence with "Yeah?", I eat a cookie. Due to this and the lack of following the meal plan, this may end up being the 210 day fix. 

I'll keep you posted on how it's going.  

Other plans that pique my interest:

PIYO. Is it a fad? Is it just fun to say? Have you tried it? let me know!

BBG with Kayla Itsines. This one looks TOUGH, but very result-friendly too. Here's what my friend Morgan (who is seriously hot stuff) from Momo in the 6 has to say about it: 
Postpartum body is no joke... Have you heard of the BBG workouts? I did them after my son was born and within 12 weeks I had a six pack again (never dreamed I would see those abs again!). It's definitely the hardest workout I've done but at 28 minutes, 3 times a week, it's hard to find something that gets the same results. 

 At the end of the day, I think whatever keeps you motivated and moving is going to be the plan for you.  

I’ll be logging my progress under the fitness tab to keep myself accountable. 

Have you experienced success with a fitness program? 

What has worked/not worked for you? 

What motivates you to stay in shape

 I’d love to hear about it! Please keep all comments constructive.

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