Friday, 20 November 2015

Button-Down the Hatches

Well, helloooo Friday!  

I don't know about you, but I am ready for the weekend...
Oh yeah...

As I mentioned here, over the next few weeks, I'm going to be highlighting a few mom uniforms that work for me. In other words, go-to ready-made outfits that just work and are probably already hiding inside YOUR closet, waiting to be paired up. 

For realzies.

Disclaimer: I have zero credibility as a fashionista as I talk about HERE. Proceed with your own good judgment. I take no responsibility for your style mishaps. I will however, happily claim your successes.

This week, I had the stellar idea to just WEAR the outfits I was going to talk about during the week and take one photo every day, but I got busy...
Me. My good intentions. This week.

Hey, I wore the outfits. I just didn't take the pictures. So, let's play pretend. You don't even have to hold a small figurine and re-enact the same scenario from Paw Patrol OVER AND OVER AND...

Sorry. Toddler PTSD. 

IMAGINE my hair is nicely done and my eyes can fully open because I am soooo rested and my four-month old is sleeping soundly. 

Ahhhh. That's nice.  

I thought about just cropping off my head, but that got a little creepy, so...

Let's talk about the good old button-down shirt.  

My lazy classy mom uniform for this week is any combination of the following:

Button-Down + Long Necklace or Scarf + Cardigan + Leggings or skinny jeans + Boots or Booties

If you too are in your early thirties late twenties, you likely have a multitude of open or button-up cardigans in your closet that you're considering tossing. 

Don't. At least until you're done reading this. 

You may also have a random assortment of button-down shirts. If you're a mom, they'll be even more random...  
This one fits when I'm not breastfeeding.
This one is great when I'm three months pregnant.
       This one is for when I'm at my perfect unicorn weight. 
This one looks good under the full moon. 

You know what I'm talking about. 

I'm here to tell you that it's time to haul out the button-downs and cardigans and try them all on. When you add a necklace or a scarf, or pair them up together, they MIGHT JUST WORK and you MIGHT JUST LOVE THEM again.  

If not, toss 'em. 

Here are the combos I wore over the last week.   
Remember to PRETEND, okay??
Lumberjack... Slightly smarter lumberjack
Shirt: Simon's   Necklace: Bootlegger   Skinny Jeans: Ardene's   Cardigan: Target   Boots: Suzy Shier

TIP: Yes, jeans at Ardene's. Don't be intimidated by the fact that the clothing there is made for thirteen-year-olds. Just add three six sizes to what you usually wear, try them on and you've got yourself some comfy cheap economical pants. 

You've also probably got a chambray top kicking around somewhere. That just means denim. Now you sound fancy.  

Wear it open. Wear it closed. Roll up the sleeves or leave them down. It all works for a casual look. 

CHAMBRAY: Soya Concept   Leggings: Costco   Boots: Target     Fancy teething necklace: Gift from a friend from Cravings in Saskatoon.  I find chewing on it really helps me not yell at my kids... I think that's how it's supposed to work.
Add cardigan. KABLAMO!
Cardigan & other necklace (not great for chewing on) : Ricki's

Here are a few more combos I wear. Feel free to love them or hate them.
I adore mint green and burgundy together. Does the scarf in the second picture match? Just kidding! I don't care.

Play with patterns and colours. Button up (that would have looked good with a collar necklace) or leave your shirt open. Cardigan optional. Undershirt mandatory.

If you don't own any cardigans and you're starting to feel like maybe you would like to, I'd suggest a cardigan in one of the following colours for this season: 
mustard yellow
forest green

These may seem random, but they all actually work as neutral tones. 

If you don't believe me, look at the photos again. I would wear a yellow or cream cardigan with EVERY outfit in this post, burgundy with every one except the red plaid and forest green with all except the navy patterned shirt... maybe even that one. I'll think about it. 

Note: If you aren't comfortable wearing yellow against your face, you can still wear it as a layer. 

Another note: Sometimes adding a layer makes you look slimmer. Mind blown. Doesn't make sense one bit.

To make my life easier, I like to hang up my button-down and cardigan combinations together on one hanger so I can just grab mindlessly. Then I switch them up after laundry day. If laundry day isn't happening, "What Smells Clean?" is such a fun game. You never know what combination you'll find... 

Happy Hunting! 

Excuse me. I need to go have a nap now.

  All of the above? Night night.


  1. Toddler PTSD! I have a permanent twitch from this condition.

    1. Seriously! How long does it last? But really... 😄

  2. Replies
    1. Then Happy Friday! 😊 Hope your little lady is feeling better soon!

  3. Toddler ptsd, YES!

    Love the long cardigans with button-downs, my closet is full of both!!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  4. Ditto on both fronts! Endless combinations on the closet side, let's hope we make it out the other side on the toddler front. :-)


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