Friday, 6 November 2015

Joe Fresh. Yes.

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I have no claim to fame when it comes to fashion advice, but I'm excited to open up a conversation about mom style. 

What do you really wear every day? Is it yoga pants and a sweater? 

This first Fashion Friday post is going to be pretty tame on the style front, but I think we can all afford to get out of our activewear once in a while. Since I hang out with two little ladies aged two and under all day, I still gravitate toward comfortable, relaxed style. 

This post centers on a simple neutral everyday shirt (hey, there it is) with a few noteworthy features.
Joe Fresh Draped Tank
1. Exclusive boutiques... like Superstore and Costco. Ha! You may think I'm kidding, but I LOVE Joe Fresh clothing. Superstore has some great steals. Keep it cheap and pair up less expensive items with your big ticket wow factors.

2. Breastfeeding approved (sorry non-BF-people, earmuffs). The shirt has a cotton camisole underneath and a draped overlay. Perfecto. It is a cuter nursing shirt than most nursing shirts and way cheaper. It's a flattering cut if you haven't lost that baby weight, have a little muffin top or are still eating all the Halloween candy (guilty).

3. When you buy clothes at Superstore, your husband will never question the receipt... Wait, scratch that, I'm sure that's not how open communication in marriage works. *Cough*

3. For real this time. Legging appropriate outfit (depending on your height).

This Joe Fresh shirt is on sale for $19.99 on the website, but I scored it for $9.99, which just goes to show that my local Superstore is awesome. It comes in black, khaki green, or a dusty pink and even though dusty pink makes me feel as though I am my mother, it is IN this season and looks great on just about everyone.

This shirt has enough detailing that you can get away with no jewellery... unless you like the bling, in which case, bling it up, baby! So, here's how I wear it.

I need to work on my photography skills, so I included photos or info on the items worn in the following pictures. I will get there, people. Be patient.

Silver Berkley Jeans
Miz Mooz Sharon Pumps
You're tired but you have to get dressed! Here's an easy casual look with jeans & a pair of pumps. I'm short so I adore a sturdy pair of heels, but this would work equally well with flats or wedges. 

I like a shirt that hangs well and I love a layer with no sleeves since I have hot flashes lately.
Postpartum hormones? Rage? Who knows.

Do you too live in the subarctic? Add some warmth. Scarf! Boots! Cardigan! 
Is it because I am a teacher that I have 4 billion cardigans?  Side note: cardigan colors to wear with khaki: burgundy, navy, beige.
Target, how I miss thee.

On to leggings. Costco sells a two-pack of fleece-lined (warm and NOT see-through) leggings for $19.99 that will keep you toasty and covered. Yay Costco
Also, the adorable bootcuffs (which are great for ladies like me with burly, husky legs because they don't add bulk inside the boot) are made by ShepStitched on Etsy. If she doesn't have any in stock, message her! I own them in red, grey, black, and beige.

Love leggings but are not convinced they are pants? Ricki's sells a microtwill legging that serves more as a fitted dress pant than a legging. They look much sharper than, say, your workout pants. Hey, the navy ones are on sale!
Mine are from Maurice's
Plus, they look awesome with short boots, which can sometimes be hard to pull off. Speaking of short boots... Suzy Shier. Ardene's, Target (sob, I miss you, Target).
 If your feet don't need some sort of orthopedic help and you can get away with cheap shoes, do it. If you love the look and wear them all the time, then invest in the Michael Kors version.

I hope one of these combos strikes your fancy or makes you take a look in your closet to see what you can come up with!

Tip: I like to hang up outfits together on one hanger (scarf, necklace, shirt, cardigan or blazer) so that when I stumble blearily in there in the morning, I just have to grope and grab.

Although, to be honest... a lot of times, this is how my footwear is displayed these days.

There was an old woman & three My Little Ponies & six Disney princesses who lived in a shoe...

I'd love to hear what you think! Any go-to stores for economical deals? Do any of these looks appeal to you? Would you wear them in real-mom life?


  1. Maybe I should just give you my money for my clothing budget and you can just pick up two of everything you buy. I love everything in this post. Also, I love Joe Fresh. And postpartum hot flashes are definitely a thing, I remember those.

    1. Ha! I don't think your style needs any help! They really are a thing. Yikes!


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