Thursday, 29 October 2015

Is there fitness after baby?

 Disclaimer: I am not at all trying to compare my experience to other moms who experienced many real and difficult obstacles to pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum health.  

MOMSI don't know about you, but I bounced BACK after my firstborn. I gained a minimal amount of weight, I stayed in pretty good shape, and I scored an awesome used running stroller on Kijiji. 

Pregnancy is so relaxing. I'll just nap in this glider no one has ever thrown up on.

Like most first-time moms, I knew everything about child rearing. And, even though motherhood crushed any vision of “when I am a Mom, I will never insert all the activities you’re currently doing,” somehow I STILL sort of felt about postpartum fitness the way I felt about being pregnant… Like... MAYBE, just maybe, other people were ... overreacting.

One month postpartum #clueless

I mean, I had to do more core exercises after Emily, my first daughter was born, and I had the frumpy post baby body, but my sister warned me not to talk about how quickly I got back to normal, to avoid being eviscerated by other mothers.

So, I didn't stress about the whole weight loss and fitness process when I found myself pregnant with my second daughter.   


This time round, I was not snorkeling in Belize at 6 months pregnant, camping on a beach, and feeling a little tired
"Please be Nice Mommy again."
Instead, I was a raging, hormonal mess with a toddler, eating bagels with herb and garlic cream cheese six times a day. I was at my most appealing during this time.
Whoa, Nelly.10 weeks to go.

In fact, in comparison to my first pregnancy where I worked to thirty nine weeks, this time I ended up being off work a month before the end of school (huge bum...mer). I had also gained a *tad* more weight, which was delightful in our hot summer climate for my end of July bébé. Was this because at thirty-three years old, my metabolism has slowed a bit or was it due to the approximately four thousand bagels washed down with ice cream? 
Who can say, really? I vote genetics.

Besides, my second daughter is well worth the heartburn, dizziness, nausea, aversion to vegetables and blinding rage, and I am mindful that my pregnancy was a walk in the park compared to what a lot of women experience.  

So what about now? 

After the relief of Gabrielle arriving safely and the joy of this little healthy person, and the exhaustion of it all,  something   went   wrong.

Flattering. So flattering.
I DIDN’T bounce back.




When I naively tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans at two months postpartum instead of two weeks postpartum with my first (don’t do either of these things, just don’t), I could barely get them over my cankles. This was a tad discouraging since my bagel consumption was at least halved and I had been supplementing this loss with exercise.

I discovered the secret to consistent exercise after my first daughter was born.

Me, on a mountain. Alone.

Alone time. That, moms, is the secret to fitness.

Whether it’s daycare for you at the gym or, like for me, an hour of bonding with my sister, for some reason, my husband thinks “I’m going for a run” is a valid use of time, but sitting in the car alone in the garage binge-watching Scandal merits an eyebrow raise. I kid you not. This principle led me to train for and complete my first half marathon.

 I digress. 

This time, the weight isn’t floating off. I’m three months postpartum now and I’ve started the most-wonderful/most-terrifying countdown to a beach vacation in January. #firstworldproblems


Keep me accountable. 

Hide the bagels (at least after the fourth in one sitting). 

I'll be chronicling my journey to healthy weight loss and strength under the tab Fitness, starting here at three months postpartum.  I'll be discussing what I've been doing since Gabrielle was born at the end of July, what I consider essential for success, what's working and what's not.

I would love to hear from you!

Advice from your journey?  Suggestions?  Encouragement? 

All constructive feedback is welcome!


  1. Love this post and especially love that you're back at blogging; I've missed your voice

    1. Thanks Deena! I love following your blog and am so amazed by your creativity, voice, photos, and tech skills. Dude. I must learn your ways.

  2. I just had my fourth baby who is nine weeks old. I am a barre fitness instructor and was on a mission to prove how fit and fabulous I could look pregnant and how quickly I'd bounce back. I did not work out at all with my first three, and I found barre classes when my third was a year old. I'd been doing barre for over 3 years when I got pregnant for the fourth (and final) time. Now that baby is 2 1/2 months old, I can assure you that nothing about this body is fit or fabulous. At four weeks postpartum, I started a food cleanse, and I just started my second month of the same food cleanse after losing only FOUR POUNDS the first month. I mean, I was only one month post partum; I could have been sitting on my couch eating ice cream for that entire month and still lost four pounds, maybe even more!! At six weeks postpartum, I started working out avidly again by taking barre and cycle classes 5x a week. I wake up at 4:30am, feed the baby, and head to either cycle or barre classes that start at 5:30am or 6am. I decided that weighing myself is overrated. I decided that focusing on my prepregnancy clothes sucks. Instead, I want to live in Lululemon pants that suck and lift everything up and make me FEEL like I'm not as pudgy and wrinkly and saggy and cellulitey (is that a word?!) as I really am. Sure, workout clothes look great on, but once I take them off, it's so sad. It's like the wonder bra's false advertising to dudes in bars back in my 20's. Alas, my point is that we all have really high expectations, and the focus instead should be on opening up the discussion AS YOU HAVE and sharing how we feel and what we're really going through instead of sugar coating it and making life sound perfect. THANK YOU for making postpartum life real. Because this body of mine is oh so real. Fur reals.

    1. Four littles! You are super mama. I hear you on the slow weight loss with maximum effort. You sound incredibly disciplined. I agree on the weighing in. The way you feel in your clothes is so important vs a number on the scale! Thank you for sharing your life with me!

  3. Hey! Glad to see you are back at blogging!

    Postpartum body is no joke. I was like you with our first and bounced back pretty quickly. Now I am pregnant with our second, trying to not snack but it was so much easier to have self control and to work out 4+ times a week when i wasn't trying to care for another babe, am-i-right? SO, all that to say... Have you heard of the BBG workouts? I did them after Finn was born and within 12 weeks I had a six pack again (never dreamed I would see those abs again!). Its definitely the hardest workout I've done but at 28 minutes, 3 times a week, its hard to find something that gets the same results. Shoot me an email if you want me to send it to you to try, if you like it you can buy it yourself!

    1. I've heard of the BBG workouts! Were you back to your six pack only 12 weeks after your baby was born, or 12 weeks after you started using the guides? I've been working out for four weeks now (I'm 10 weeks postpartum) and there are NO abs in sight! Did you do the food guides she sells, too? It seems really extreme to cut calories so much while breastfeeding. Thanks!

  4. Very interesting. I have NOT tried BBG. I have heard of it and I have seen the incredible after pictures. I will message you.
    Right now, my sister and I are working through the 21 Day Fix. It is also under 30 minutes a session and I hate exercise (except running, hiking, and biking) and I am finding it doable because of the short segments (and the teamwork). I will message you. Maybe I will try it once we finish with this. Thanks friend! You mama-hottie! I am sure you will have those abs back in no time after this little sweetie is born too.


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