Thursday, 29 October 2015

Welcome to Grumbling Grace

Joy is the best makeup (Anne Lamott)… unless you have children, in which case, concealer is the best makeup (Grumbling Grace).

Hey girl, heyyy! I'm Abbie.  

Or should it be 'Hey girl, eh?' ... I'm Canadian.

Welcome to the Abbie show the Grumbling Grace Community! I'm a certified mombies of two littles, a high school French and English teacher and a wife to an extremely patient (and studly) gentleman. I write about fails, faith and mom life and I like sharing when other people write about that stuff too.

Here are a few recent topics to get you started.

What Moms Google
I'm teaming up with Shaunacey every Saturday to bring you hot mess mom honesty in response to real live mom Google searches. We don't promise to be right, but we're definitely real.

Mombies Unite
Ladies from the motherside guest posting their goodness on Grumbling Grace. Check it out

Best Of.
My Posts? My Rules.  

Is there fitness after baby number two? Jury's still out.

Travel with Kids
Tips, tricks, stories, and life hacks to explore the world with your littles (earplugs not included).

Less is More
Downsizing stuff to upsize life. Things I have a hard time giving up? Shoes. Books. All the snacks.

I also like starting series and then not finis----

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